Monday, May 07, 2007

oXygen 8.2 is available

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A new version of oXygen is ready with a lot of new additions.
What I like the most is the new validation scenarios concept that oXygen 8.2 adds. Last year at XML Prague I had a session talking about XSLT and XQuery IDEs and one of the issues was the validation support in current XML IDEs. XSLT and XQuery as well as other technologies allow to have documents that are not valid by themselves but, if validated in some context, included or imported from another document for instance, they can became valid. oXygen 8.2 adds this simple concept of validation scenarios (similar with the already existing transformation scenarios) to solve this problem. Although simple the validation scenarios do more than solving the problem of working with modules, they enable also multiple validations in one action, validating the same file against multiple engines or validating multiple files. More details about validation scenarios are here.
On the second place in the new additions I like the most is the support for ISO Schematron. oXygen 8.2 is the first tool that announces support for ISO Schematron and it includes support for abstract patterns and included Schematron schemas.
The full list with details is here.

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