Thursday, April 16, 2009

oXygen XML Editor 10.2

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The new version of oXygen is available from

As always the latest version additions are described at the following URL

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

10.2 beta release notes

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oXygen 10.2 beta is available... the first question is "what is new in 10.2?". Let's see...

Related with the Author visual editing mode we have:
  • Change tracking support
  • Support for the CSS width properties: min-width, max-width and width
  • Table width and column width support for XHTML, DocBook and DITA tables
  • Drag and drop to re-size table and table columns in the Author mode for XHTML, DocBook, DITA
  • A more compact representation for full tags in the Author editing mode
  • Better handling of included content, supports inline includes and presents only an icon that allows to open the included file
  • Support for image scaling
  • oXygen integrates the latest DITA Open Toolkit, version 1.4.3
  • DITA topics can be transformed using the DITA Open Toolkit by opening them in the DITA Maps Manager View and using the available DITA ANT transformations
  • [this does not work in the beta!] olink support for DocBook to easily insert a link by browsing/searching the olink database
  • DocBook 4.5 DTD are available in the DocBook 4 framework
  • Use patterns when defining the document type matching rules, for the file name for instance
  • New CSS extension function attributes() that allows writing a CSS for oXygen XML Author that presents the XML source in the Author view
XML development related:
  • Hierarchy/Dependencies view for XML Schema import/include links
  • Hierarchy/Dependencies view for XSLT import/include links
  • Hierarchy/Dependencies view for Relax NG import/externalRef links
  • External validation action available on schema editors
  • New design for the XML Schema diagram
  • In diagram editing for attributes in the XML Schema diagram on Alt+Enter
  • In-place editing for all/sequence/choice in the XML Schema diagram
  • Allow more drag and drop actions in the Schema Diagram, like for instance dropping a type on an element to set the element type
  • Better layout on expanding/collapsing XML Schema diagram components
  • Split the XHTML output at component level for the XML Schema documentation
  • The schema documentation dialog allows using editor variables for the Schema URL field
  • Sequence view for presenting XQuery transformation output
  • The Elements view shows the other elements are allowed inside the current element but not at the current position
  • Contextual actions of the Archive Browser View to preview images and SVG files

Linking between development and authoring:
  • The Author page is available on the XML Schema editor allowing to edit the annotations visually and presenting a really nice and compact view of the XML Schema, with support for links on included/imported schemas. Embedded Schematron is also supported
  • The Author page is available on the Relax NG schema presenting the schema very similar with the Relax NG compact syntax. It links to imported schemas and external references. Embedded Schematron is also supported.
  • The Author page is available on the the Schematron editor presenting the Schematron and ISO Schematron schemas in a nice visual rendering.
  • The Author page is available on the NVDL scripts editor presenting them in a compact and easy to understand representation.
New frameworks:
  • A Widgets framework provides a default schema for the widget configuration files
  • A Twitter framework to render in the Author mode Twitter statuses
General and usability features:
  • Support for read-only files - a lock decoration appears in the editor tab and the content cannot be changed
  • Editor variable for path separator ${ps} that allows creating portable command lines for external tools
  • The editor variable for oXygen home folder ${oxygenInstallDir} is available when configuring an external FO processor
  • Filter for the Menu shortcut keys options to quickly locate an action
  • The XSLT and XQuery content completion shows Saxon specific functions
  • Automatic mnemonics on dialogs actions so you can use ALT+letter to invoke them
  • Delete line action on CTRL+D

Component updates:
  • oXygen includes the latest Saxon-SA, version
  • oXygen integrates the latest NekoHTML, version 1.9.11 for converting HTML to XHTML
  • Support for the latest Oracle XML DB, version 2.4.16
There are also some other changes but they are either too small or I cannot remember them right now.

Again, send us your feedback - version 10.2 is planned to be generally available as soon as possible.

oXygen XML Editor 10.2 beta

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Want to see what's available in oXygen 10.2?
You can give it a try - we made a beta available. An all platform distribution as tar.gz and zip is available from

Enjoy! And do not forget to send us your feedback at support at or on the oxygen-user list!