Wednesday, March 05, 2014

What's your greatest wish for Oxygen XML Author 16.0?

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Oxygen 16.0 is planned to be released in a couple of months and we already have quite an impressive array of new features which we plan to make available in it.
Here's some of the stuff we are working on right now:
  1. Editing properties of multiple selected table columns, rows and cells will be a snap using the Table Properties action.
    You will be able to easily select table cells either by pressing CTRL and clicking them or by selecting cell content which spans multiple cells.
  2. You will be able to highlight with custom colors and styles elements which have certain profiling attributes with certain values set on them.
  3. The Oxygen Eclipse Plugin distribution will be updated to have a validation stripe showing all errors found in the visual Author editing mode. The Author visual editing mode will also have a validation status which will show the error closest to the caret position.
  4. We added API which allows you to programatically import an XML options file in the started application. Used with a plugin deployed as an add-on this API allows you to distribute a fixed set of options as a starting point to all users. Our Plugins SDK will contain such a sample plugin which makes use of the new API to distribute.
So what would be your biggest feature-request wish for the upcoming Oxygen XML Author 16.0?