Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Public hosted Oxygen Plugin and Framework Projects

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All resources, Frameworks and Plugins which we make publicly available to contributors can be found on the oxygenxml GitHub group:https://github.com/oxygenxml/:

Besides there are interesting Oxygen plugins and frameworks which are developed as separate public projects and maintained by third parties (either users or companies). I will try to compile a list below:

  1. Project Argon by German company Axxepta provides a plugin which can connect Oxygen to a BaseX server: https://github.com/axxepta/project-argon. The integration also provides CMS-like capabilities for searching and version control.
  2. You can define terminology terms and then create Schematron rules for them using the Doctales terminology checker Oxygen framework: https://github.com/doctales/org.doctales.terminology.
  3. Three open-source frameworks for editing ATA-2300, S1000D and RIF XML documents in Oxygen developed by Amplexor: https://github.com/Amplexor.
  4. Besides being bundled with Oxygen the TEI framework is also available as a project partly maintained by the TEI community: https://code.google.com/p/oxygen-tei/

    HisTEI: An Oxygen framework for historical documents encoded in TEI.

    More details: https://github.com/odaata/HisTEI, http://www.oxygenxml.com/pipermail/oxygen-sdk/2014-November/000182.html

  5. Ediarium is an extension package for TEI editing within Oxygen.

    More details:http://www.bbaw.de/en/telota/software/ediarum, https://github.com/telota/ediarum

  6. TEI Facsimile Plugin offers a side view in which users can load an image and see the marked areas (all the zone elements from a TEI document), draw new areas over the image and copy them into the editor:https://github.com/oxygenxml/TEI-Facsimile-Plugin.
  7. Framework which adds JATS/NLM support for Oxygen developed by Wendell Piez: https://github.com/wendellpiez/oXygenJATSframework
  8. Fork of the JATS framework which adds Schematron checks and Literatum package building: https://github.com/le-tex/oXygenJATSframework_Literatum
  9. Automatic builder for Oxygen frameworks which allows user to describe framework's behaviour by using only XQuery, HTML, and CSS, and automatically generate the framework archive ready to be deployed (developed by Claudius Teodorescu):https://github.com/claudius108/oxygen-addon-builder
  10. Plugin developed by Clausius Teodorescu which allows opening a JavaFX-based web browser in Oxygen: https://github.com/claudius108/oxygen-addons/tree/master/oxygen-webview-plugin.
  11. LanguageTool plugin for Oxygen: https://github.com/danielnaber/oxygen-languagetool-plugin
  12. Framework for validating XSL-FO with Antenna House extensions developed by Antenna House: https://github.com/AntennaHouse/focheck
  13. Framework which adds Daisy support in Oxygen: https://github.com/oxygenxml/Daisy
  14. Framework which adds STRATML support to Oxygen: https://github.com/oxygenxml/stratml
  15. S1000D Framework which adds some limited support to edit S1000D documents in the Author visual editing mode:https://github.com/oxygenxml/S1000D.
  16. OpenDocs Plugin allows you to focus on specific file types opened in the editor in order to perform various actions on them: http://nkutsche.com/2015/09/15/opendocs-oxygen-plugin/. GitHub repository: https://github.com/nkutsche/opendocs/.
  17. XsltGui Project by Patrik Stellmann is an example of how you can show dialogs to the end users from an XSLT script: https://github.com/dita-semia/XsltGui.
  18. Workspace containing sample Oxygen plugins implemented in Javascript: https://github.com/oxygenxml/wsaccess-javascript-sample-plugins.
  19. Plugin developed by pagina GMBH which expands a custom editor variable called ${clipboard} to the clipboard contents: https://github.com/paginagmbh/oxygen-plugin_clipboard-editor-variable.
  20. The NameDropper Oxygen plugin can be used to simplify the process of tagging names in XML and associating those names with authoritative identifiers:https://github.com/emory-libraries-ecds/namedropper-oxygen.
  21. Sample Oxygen plugin demo by Tobias Fisher: https://github.com/tofi86/oxygen_PluginDemo.
  22. A Workspace Access Plugin for Oxygen XML Editor that creates TEI-conform UUIDs starting with a letter: https://github.com/digicademy/CustomUUID
  23. TEI Authorizer is a plugin for Oxygen which lets you query remote authority files via HTTP and use retrieved data to autocomplete attribute values in your TEI documents and define and implement forms to fill out new data and post it to your server via HTTP:https://github.com/BCDH/TEI-Authorizer
  24. Framework for editing UBL documents (UBL 2.1, 2.2 csd01 and 2.2 Pre-award csd02wd01pa01) developed by G. Ken Holman: https://cranesoftwrights.github.io/resources/ubl/#oxygenubl
  25. Framework for validating OASIS genericode 1.0 documents developed by G. Ken Holman: https://cranesoftwrights.github.io/resources/ubl/#oxygengc.

If anyone else wants to add something else to the list, just drop us an email.


  1. There's the TEI plugin too:


    1. Nice catch Martin, forgot about the most important one. I updated the list.