Wednesday, May 06, 2015

What new API Oxygen 17.0 brings for customizers

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I am happy to announce that the new oXygen XML Editor version 17 is finally available from our website:
We have added a lot of new goodies to Oxygen 17 and we will have a series of webinars which will cover most of it:
We have many users who use Oxygen as it is but we also have developers who customize Oxygen for certain target user groups.

The WebApp SDK is a new product we offer as an alternative for our Java-based Author Component:
It allows you to embed visual XML editing in a web browser on any platform (phone, tablet or desktop). The SDK was extended to provide an adaptive user interface that is both desktop-friendly and mobile-friendly and also contains out of the box WebDav support. Custom actions are made available in a toolbar and there are many API extension points that facilitate repository integration.
You can register here for a Webinar about authoring on the web (Jun 17, 2015):
and a full list of planned webinars about the Oxygen 17.0 capabilities can be found here:

As usual we also added lots of API for the standalone and Eclipse plugin integrations:
  • You can add a specific listener for dropped resources in the DITA Maps Manager and customize the insertion behavior.
  • In the Eclipse plugin you can now fully control the contextual menus, the Author main menu and the Author toolbar using only extension points.
  • You can also easily provide from a framework configuration documentation and controlled values for XML elements without any kind of Java customization:
  • For the Author visual editing mode we added API to expand/collapse folds, customize the actions contributed for each callout or obtaining attribute track changes. You can now also use the Java-based API to decide the default CSS used for rendering and to provide alternate CSSs.
    But more important, we also made available a custom action called ro.sync.ecss.extensions.commons.operations.JSOperation. Using the available Rhyno library this operation can run Javascript code which can fully use our Java API or create and display Swing graphical components directly in the Javascript code. So you could implement the entire set of custom Author actions for your custom framework without using Javascript at all.
Thank you again for your feedback on oXygen and enjoy using version 17!

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