Wednesday, May 04, 2016

What's new in oXygen 18.0 - Webhelp Responsive System

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In oXygen 18.0 we released a new HTML5-based online help publishing system called WebHelp Responsive. It has the ability to adapt to any device and screen size to provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience. Nearly all aspects of its layout can be customized and it also includes a variant that allows online users to provide feedback in your documentation.

A short video demonstration covering the basic functionality and customization options is available here:

As an example, our Oxygen 18.0 user's manual is published from DITA using the new WebHelp Responsive system. The DITA 1.3 specification available on our web site was also published using this modern WebHelp system.

For now you can choose between nine beautiful skins for the tiled display:

and nine skins for the tree display:

I hope you'll all enjoy it and we are looking forward to any feedback or improvement suggestions you may have for it.


  1. Great work again guys, thanks! I've just tested some of the skins and they are indeed beautiful. I wish there will be something similar for PDF output one day, similar to Jarno Elovirta's DITA PDF plugin generator, but integrated in oXygen XML Author/Editor:

    Wouldn't it be nice if the user could just select his page size, company base font, company colors and logo and then generate his PDFs?


    Yves Barbion

  2. Thank you for your kind thoughts!!!

    I hope that the day when we'll be blogging about the new PDF improvements is not very far.

    However, I can't tell you more because I would not want to deprive you of the pleasure to discover 'What's new' in the future oXygen versions. :)