Tuesday, June 14, 2016

DITA-OT Day 2016

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Oxygen XML Editor is happy to organize the 3rd edition of the DITA-OT Day event, which will take place this year in Munich, Germany, on November 13:

This is a great chance to meet the main DITA-OT developers, Jarno Elovirta and Robert Anderson, as well as other contributors and users of the most used project in the DITA community!

More, there is no registration fee, it is a free event!
Because lunch and coffee breaks are provided, we need to know how many of you will be there, so registration is required:

The DITA-OT Day shares the same location as DITA Europe, the Hilton Munich City hotel, and it takes place the day just before DITA Europe.  It is also two days after the TCWorld conference, which takes place in Stuttgart, so it is very convenient to attend DITA-OT Day if you also plan to go to DITA Europe or/and TCWorld.

We are working on putting together the agenda for this year and we are collecting proposals for interesting topics. If you want to contribute please submit a proposal as described at:

If you did not attend the DITA-OT Day event before, check out the agenda and recordings of the previous events:

Hope to see many of you at DITA-OT Day 2016!

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