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10 Things I Enjoy About the New Oxygen JSON Editor

17 Jan 2024
Read time: 4 minute(s)

We released the Oxygen JSON Editor a couple of months ago as a practical tool for web developers and people interested in general in editing, validating, or converting JSON documents.

In this article, I will list some of the features of Oxygen JSON Editor that I enjoy the most:
  • Value for money. The 12 months subscription license is less than 100 USD per year and always gives you access to the latest JSON Editor released version.
  • Support to create JSON Schemas and to use JSON Schemas to validate JSON instances. There is a great JSON Schema diagram editor that can be used to visually compose JSON schema files. I used this support quite a lot when creating JSON configuration files for the Oxygen AI Positron Assistant add-on.
  • Built on top of the Oxygen application platform, the JSON Editor offers the regular Oxygen facilities:
    • Multi platform application (Windows, Mac, Linux).
    • Project view.
    • Find Replace capabilities.
    • and much more....
  • As another neat feature of being an Oxygen application, in the Oxygen JSON Editor, you can install useful free add-ons like the Git client-add on, Batch Documents Converter, or the JSON Schema Documentation generator add-on.
  • All the nifty conversion tools (JSON to YAML, YAML to JSON, XML to JSON) allow you to change between representations in various formats of the same data. For my work, I used, for example, the XML to JSON converter to convert a piece of HTML content representing an unordered list to a JSON object that I further proceeded to load from JavaScript.
  • When editing a JSON file, the Author visual editing mode allows me to add new lines in values by pressing ENTER, new lines that are escaped automatically to \n when switching to the Text editing mode.
  • You can run XPath expressions over opened JSON documents using the XPath toolbar.
  • You can edit much more than JSON documents. This is a web developer editor in disguise, allowing you to edit Markdown, HTML, CSS, Javascript, YAML, and of course JSON.
  • Support to create, edit, and convert OpenAPI specification documents either in JSON or YAML format.
  • The Tools menu's Compare utilities allow you to compare a large variety of file formats either file per file or by comparing entire folders.

I consider this tool to be an excellent purchase for developers to edit configuration files in JSON or Yaml, validate configuration files, perform conversions, even for writing small Markdown documentation topics.