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Oxygen XML Users Meetup @ XML Prague 2024: A Deep Dive into XML Technologies and Innovations

21 May 2024
Read time: 7 minute(s)

At the start of the summer, the beautiful city of Prague will welcome, once more, the XML Prague conference (June 6-8, 2024) - a unique opportunity for developers, markup enthusiasts, information managers, and students to come together in person.

Continuing its tradition, the Oxygen XML team will be present at the conference to host the highly anticipated Oxygen XML Users Meetup. This half-day event, taking place on June 6th, promises to be packed with insightful sessions that cater to both seasoned XML users and newcomers alike, straight from the dedicated individuals behind the Oxygen XML suite of products.

In similar fashion to its past editions, our presenters prepared an agenda full of eye-opening sessions regarding the cutting-edge solutions and tools that we've been tirelessly developing. Here is a preview of what attendees can expect:

Oxygen Short History and Tools Overview - presented by the Oxygen XML team

Kicking off the meetup at 15:00 (EEST), this session will take attendees through a brief history of Oxygen XML Editor's development and an overview of the tools it offers. It’s a great opportunity to see how Oxygen has evolved over the years and what it now offers to enhance your XML editing capabilities. This will benefit attendees by providing a solid foundation in the tools available for any XML editing needs.

Oxygen AI Positron Assistant - presented by Radu Coravu

Explore the cutting-edge integration of AI within the Oxygen suite in this session. Learn how AI is being utilized to streamline XML editing and content management processes. Attendees will benefit from firsthand demonstrations of new functionalities, which are designed to significantly enhance productivity and user experience.

XPath AI Extension Functions - presented by Octavian Nadolu

This technical session will delve into the innovative use of AI in XPath functions, illustrating how these can simplify complex XML operations. It’s a perfect session for those looking to enhance their technical skills and understand the practical applications of AI in XML workflows.

Oxygen Content Fusion Projects - presented by Bogdan Dumitru

Discover new features in Oxygen Content Fusion that facilitate project management and publishing directly from Git repositories. This session is particularly beneficial for teams looking for robust collaboration tools in document editing and publishing.

The New JSON Editor - presented by Mircea Enachescu

With the introduction of the new Oxygen JSON editor, this session will showcase its diverse capabilities, including various editing modes and comprehensive validation tools. Attendees will gain insights into how these features can be leveraged to improve data handling and integration in their projects.

YAML Support in Oxygen - presented by Mircea Enachescu

Learn about the latest improvements and features for YAML editing within the Oxygen framework. This session is essential for those who work with YAML and XML, providing tools that ensure greater consistency and error reduction in document management.

DITA XML Editing, Collaboration and Publishing Overview - presented by Radu Coravu

This session focuses on the comprehensive capabilities of Oxygen XML Editor for DITA projects, from editing to publishing. It’s an excellent opportunity to learn how to maximize the efficiency of DITA content management and collaboration.

Oxygen Roadmap and Feedback - presented by Octavian Nadolu

Conclude the day with a forward-looking session where the future roadmap of Oxygen products will be discussed. Participants will have the chance to provide feedback, making it an interactive and engaging session that shapes the future of Oxygen tools.

It's important to know that the Oxygen XML Users Meetup and XML Prague are designed not only to impart technical knowledge but also to strengthen the social fabric of the XML user community through meaningful interactions and shared experiences. You get the chance to meet like-minded individuals, form professional relationships, and create lasting connections within the XML community.

Make sure to mark your calendars and join us on the 6th of June in Prague for this enriching experience! For more details regarding the event and its agenda, please visit Oxygen XML Users Meetup in Prague.