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Common Workflows

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Workflows are recipes for working and collaborating successfully on a Git project.

Common workflows for working with Git:

Re-base or merge branches?

In most these workflows changes are made on one branch and then integrated on other branches. The changes can be integrated either with Git merge or with Git rebase. This post from Atlassian explains the differences. Oxygen's Git client add-on supports in its Git Branch Manager view only the possibility to merge a branch in another one. Our general advice is to use Git merge.

Some highlights for each of these choices:
  • Git Merge: Combines two branches by creating a new commit. It keeps the history of both branches as-is.
  • Git Rebase: Moves the entire history of the branch you're on to the tip of the branch you're rebasing onto. It gives a linear commit history.
    Important: The golden rule of git rebase is to never use it on public branches.