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Converting XML content to various output formats

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XML in itself is perfect for reuse because:
  • XML is an intermediary format. We don't do XML for the pleasure of it. We do it because we want to obtain multiple outputs from it and it has enough content and structure inside to allow for it. Some call this single source publishing but it can be just as easily be called content reuse.
  • XML contains the necessary content.
  • XML contains the necessary structure.
  • XML is a standard. So you have a choice between open source and commercial tools.
  • XML is a standard for defining standards. Among which DITA, the most versatile standard XML vocabulary when it comes to reuse.
Whatever output you will obtain from the XML, there is a constant, this XML format which contains all your data will contain more semantic meaning than any of the published outputs.

You can read more about the selling points of using XML in this older blog post: A Short Story of Reuse.