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Publishing Customizations

5 Sep 2022
Read time: 5 minute(s)

An overview of various useful publishing customizations that appear as individual articles on the Oxygen XML Blog.

DITA Project Overview

Embed Latex Equations in DITA Topics

Adding support for embedding LaTeX equations in DITA content

Embed PlantUML/Mermaid Diagrams in DITA Topics

DITA Task Steps Presentation Alternatives

Generate Google Structured Data Content from DITA Content

Present Consecutive Elements as Tabs in HTML Output

Convert OpenAPI Content to DITA

Converting OpenAPI to DITA XML and Publishing to WebHelp (Experimental)

Various Applications for DITA to Markdown Publishing

DITA Prolog Customizations

Marking DITA Topics with Labels for the HTML-based Output

Adding Labels to Topics in the WebHelp Responsive Output

Generating Content for Google Chatbot

Creating a Knowledge Base for the Google Dialogflow Chatbot using DITA XML content

Externally Contributed Articles