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Building and Publishing Using a Script

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As an example of scripting the publishing on the server side, the Oxygen XML Blog has a Gradle build file that can be invoked to automatically build and publish WebHelp and PDF outputs of the blog content. Features of the sample script:
  • Downloads and unzips the Oxygen Publishing Engine.
  • Creates a license key in the publishing engine's folder based on an environmental variable named LICENSE_KEY.
  • Runs the publishing on the DITA OT Project file bundled with the Blog project that defines all deliverables (WebHelp, EPUB).
  • Produces all outputs in a site folder in the project's base folder.

You can start from such an example to build your own script that downloads the Oxygen Publishing Engine, sets up the license details, and then publishes:

cd ./build; sh ./gradlewCustom --info --stacktrace