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Content References

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Content references are the initial and probably the mostly used reuse mechanism in the DITA specification. They allow reusing elements from a topic in various other topics throughout the publication.

Small example of content referencing

Reusable Component from topic reusables.dita:

  <dd id="CPU">
    <ul id="ul_lym_bqd_x4">
      <li>Minimum - <tm tmtype="tm">Intel Pentium III</tm>/<tm tmtype="tm">AMD Athlon</tm>
        class processor, 1 <term>GHz</term>.</li>
      <li>Recommended - Dual Core class processor.</li>

Content reference:

<dd conref="path/to/reusables.dita#topicID/CPU"/>

You can read more about how content references can be inserted in Oxygen here: https://www.oxygenxml.com/doc/ug-editor/#topics/eppo-create-conref.html.